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We exist for the sole purpose of delivering up-to-date education for health practitioners to provide comprehensive patient care, stay connected to the health community and improve business operations, efficiency and profitability.


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June 18-19, An Online Experience

The Australian Lower Limb Convention

Empowering education for complex management of lower limb conditions.

30+ Live Sessions

With over 40 sessions across 2-days, the ALLC is designed to deliver practical discussion and evidence based learning.

Live Streaming

To ensure a premium online experience, all sessions are live-streamed in real time allowing you to be involved in discussions.

Interactive Workshops

We want you to develop skills, so our workshops are restricted on numbers to ensure you can get interactive.

Post-Event Recordings

After the event, we will make recordings of all sessions available to all participants so that you won't miss a thing.


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Meet the Speakers

With over 20 speakers from the health, research and medical fields there is so much on offer that there is truly something for every lower limb practitioner.


Dr Andrew Bullen

Endovascular and Vascular Surgeon
Circulation Health

Dr Andrew Bullen operates out of Wollongong Private and Public Hospitals, New South Wales. He is also an Editor for the international journal, Vascular Endovascular Review as well as a Lecturer and examiner for the University of New South Wales and University of Wollongong. 


Dr Chow Chow

Pain Specialist & Anaesthetist
Dr Chow Chow

Dr Chow Chow is an experienced Pain Specialist and Consultant Anaesthetist (ANZCA). Chow has an academic background of Global Health Policy (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) with particular interest in opioid epidemic and data utilisation in healthcare.


Dr Kent Hungerford

Specialist Podiatric Surgeon
South Coast Foot Surgery

Dr Kent Hungerford is a registered Specialist Podiatric Surgeon with special interest in minimally invasive or keyhole foot surgery, complex pain management, injection therapies and photobiomodulation therapy. Kent is also the Director of My Health Education on the South Coast of NSW.


Dr Nicholas Studdert

Podiatric Surgeon
Canberra Foot Surgery

Nicholas focuses on increasing patient mobility, development and management of surgical pathways, and treating paediatric patients. He has special interest in non-technical skills for podiatric practitioners and how they improve patient management and outcomes as well as clinician welfare. 


Lisa Hackett

MSK Ultrasound Researcher
ASA Sonographer & Researcher of the Year

Lisa is a diagnostic radiographer and sonographer and has been actively involved in MSK ultrasound since 1993. She now works in the field of Orthopaedics, Sports medicine and Rheumatology and is an educator and mentor in MSK ultrasound presenting both Nationally and Internationally.


Natali Lazaroski

Registered Psychologist
The Shellharbour Clinic

Natali Lazaroski is a registered Psychologist and member of the EMDR Association of Australia. Natali’s main area of focus is working with trauma, whether it is a recent event, single incident, developmental (early life trauma), or more pervasive complex trauma as well as chronic pain.


Bronwyn Cooper

Specialist Generalist Podiatrist
Dr Foot Solutions & Barefoot Science

Brownyn is a pioneer in the use of Photobiomodulation Therapy in mainstream podiatry practice which has grown from an interest in chronic and nerve pain. Bronwyn is passionate about restoring correct movement patterns via dynamic footgear therapy with shoe and in-shoe devices.


Melissa Logan

APA Titled Sport & Exercise Physiotherapist
Podiatric Surgery Centre

Melissa has extensive experience working in Track & Field as an athlete, coach and physio. Melissa believes in collaborative education and has developed a treatment style through experience and post graduation education that involves a combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription. 


Dave Morris

Org. Learning & Development Specialist
My Health Education

Dave is a learning & development specialist who has consulted for SMEs, multi-national corporations and Government agencies including Google, Mastercard  & the NSW State Government with a focus on fast & innovative knowledge transfer and skill development within organisations. 


Karina Schuberg


Karina graduated from Charles Sturt University Albury campus, NSW in 2006 and has special interest includes biomechanics and orthotics, soft tissue injuries, radiology and Ingrown toenail surgery. Karina also delivers dry tissue needling, shockwave therapy and running and footwear analysis.

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The Agenda

All sessions live-streamed & recorded, providing
a premium experience for participants.
Please see the agenda for Day 1 (Saturday) & Day 2 (Sunday) below.

Our Sponsors

Without the support of our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to bring such a comprehensive practitioner focused event to the South Coast.

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Advanced laser therapy technology

High powered therapeutic lasers for the health professional treating pain, inflammation and oedema in medical and allied health practices.

High power Class IV laser delivers shorter treatment times, reduced treatments and faster healing.

The patented dual wavelength design produces a simultaneous therapeutic effect on pain, inflammation and oedema.

MLS® system improves healing of soft and hard tissues with biostimulation mode including post treatment recovery.

Barefoot Science

Neuro-muscular approach to orthotic devices

BareFootScience provides dynamic support, changing muscle firing to create stability.

Its progressive resistance dome stimulates the neural foot-to-brain links, restoring a more natural gait and loading pattern,  through improved balance stimulus, joint loading & muscle function.

Applicable to all conditions – from Tib Post Syndrome thru to Osteoathritis.

You and your patients  will never have another orthotic fitting problem with this foot strengthening device which fits all shoe types – and can be dispensed by all clinicians.


A new type of customisable orthotic insole

Featuring a patented clip-in wedge system and unique deep heel cup, Modulign is the customisable orthotic of choice for an accurate fit within minutes.

Modulign’s different-sized wedges allow adjustments to the midfoot, medial rearfoot and lateral rearfoot, ensuring that correct alignment is maintained.

The wide range of different angled wedges can be clipped in and out during the consultation, and then trialled with further adjustments until the optimal level of support is obtained for the patient.

Our Silver Sponsors

June 18 - 19
An Online Experience

The inaugural Australian Lower Limb Convention, hosted by My Health Education, is designed for all practitioners currently delivering interventions to the lower limbs.

Specialist Presenters

Practical Workshops

Leader Development